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Henning Andresen

Haderslev, DENMARK
Grid Square JO45RF (see map below)
CQ Zone: 14
Effective dates at this QTH: 16 Dec 1975 00:00 to 31 Dec 2030 00:00
I logged in on 04-Jun-2019
Last Activity: 04 Jun 2019 12:51Z
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My eAwards:

10 Apr 2017
109 credits

09 Apr 2017
55 credits
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RIGs, ANTs, etc.
Transceiver 1: Ten-Tec Argonaut 509 5W
Transceiver 2: Ten-Tec Triton 540 100W
Ant: W3DZZ + 3elm Yagi
I am also:
  • 5P2I in Haderslev, DENMARK
  • 5P2I/P in Haderslev, DENMARK
  • 5Q6EE in Haderslev, DENMARK
  • 9H3EE in Mellieha, MALTA
  • CT9ABR in Porto Moniz, MADEIRA ISL.
  • D44EE in Praia, CAPE VERDE
  • OU2I in Haderslev, DENMARK
  • OZ2I in Haderslev, DENMARK
  • XP2I in Kangerlussuaq, GREENLAND
  • ZA/OU2I in Golem, ALBANIA
  • ZF2EE in George Town, CAYMAN ISL.
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