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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 18:51 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Eric Jauch from FRANCE
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5BeDX100tm JA2VQF Apr 28
5BeWACtm KA8G Jun 02
eAfricatm YV5KAJ Jun 05
eAntarcticatm KJ6TOA Jan 17
eAsiatm DJ7JB Jun 06
eAustraliatm VK2EHQ Jun 06
eCanadatm KD9MAB Jun 05
eDXtm OK2QQ Jun 06
eDX100tm NR6AM Jun 06
eEchoLinktm M3FGR Dec 21
eEuropetm DL2RPN Jun 06
eFROMtm DL5NAV Jun 05
eGridtm KM6GCA Jun 06
eJapantm G6JFU Jun 06
eNAmericatm DB1PC Jun 06
eNZtm OE1SZW Feb 12
eOceaniatm ON4PS Jun 06
ePFX300tm KM6GCA Jun 06
eSAmericatm YV5KAJ Jun 06
eSatellitetm VA7TF Jun 05
eUKtm OK4RS Jun 05
eWACtm N7YU Jun 06
eWACHonorstm JA0CIU May 29
eWAStm N1ME Jun 05
eZ40tm EA5HM May 23

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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from BARBADOS
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
4J9RI Rashad sdadsads No
4S7-313 Samuel xxxx, No
8P2A Paul Gentry K9PG Evanston, IL 60201 No
8P4JB Jesslyn Bovell
8P4JS Jefferson Skeete St Thomas, YES
8P5AA Philip L Als Bridgetown Barbados, YES No
8P5AA Philip L Als Bridgetown Barbados, YES No
8P5AB Kammie Holder St Philip
8P5RE Renee Evelyn St. George YES
8P6AJ Hugh St Michael No
8P6AP Carey Anthony Plant Rockley, CH CH , BB15141 YES No
8P6AZ C.L. (Pat) Toppin Christ, Church No
8P6BC Carl Burke Harmony Lodge, St, Philip No
8P6BX Ron Gibbs St. George xxxxxx No
8P6CH Clive B Howell St James BB23024 YES No
8P6CR Christopher Charles Husbands, St. James, BB23020 No
8P6CW Charles Padmore St. Thomas No
8P6EB Thomas Harper Bridgetown/Not applicable/24026
8P6EF robert e. Leacock barbadosw.i, 11955 No
8P6ER (Mark) Gary Field St. James, YES No
8P6EU Ilene Bridgetown, No
8P6EX Beresford C Blackman St. Thomas YES No
8P6EZ Junior C. Spooner St. James No
8P6FB Desmond Howard St George No
8P6FI Morris E. Sobers St.Lucy No
8P6FN Monty Lewis Barbados No
8P6FX Robert A Evelyn Bridgetown, BB15094 No
8P6GE JIM BEST St.Philip, No
8P6GF general class st michael bb14014 No
8P6GG Tony Grant St. Thomas, YES
8P6GS Derek Sutherland St. Philip/ BB18001 No
8P6GT Gregory Barker Bridgetown No
8P6GU Haschel Bynoe Christ Church No
8P6GY Basil Yearwood St. Michael No
8P6HL Lester Lucas Christ Church, BB17108 No
8P6HN John Lampitt Christ Church No
8P6JB Ronald Wilkinson St.Michael No
8P6JK Courtney King St. Thomas, BB22108 No
8P6JL John Rollins St. Philip, No
8P6KV Celso H. Brewster No
8P6LL Lester Lucas St. James, 24016
8P6MJ Courtney Catwell St.Michael
8P6MM Rich Seifert Los Gatos, CA 95033 YES
8P6MS Basil Weatherhead Black Rock, St. Michael No
8P6NN Anna Sombor Los Gatos, CA 95033 YES
8P6NW Glenroy Corbin Holders Hill, YES No
8P6PD Wilfred Hall Bridgetown, YES
8P6PE Ishmael Cadogan St.George, YES
8P6QM Trudi Smyth St. Joseph No
8P6RC Robert Chambers St. Philip, No
8P6RF Anderson Jordan Barbados West Indies No
8P6RY L. DeCarlo Howell St James,
8P6SG Stuart Gittens Columbus, GA 31904 YES No
8P6SH Dean St. Hill Bridgetown, 12345 No
8P6SL Ronald O'Brian Nurse Christ Church, 17127 No
8P900 Trev Codner-Armstrong Nottingham, NG210LL No
8P9AJ Bob Dorsey W4RQ (Ex - K4UVT) Bridgetown, YES No
8P9AK Willy Rass Hoechstadt, 91315 No
8P9AP Steven L. Weinstein Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 No
8P9AS Clinton Brosenne Sykesville Md 21784 No
8P9AX W.H.Barrie Almonte Ontario K0A1A0Canada No
8P9AY david w. penttila Hubbardston, MA 01452 No
8P9BE Donovan Gentles Christ Church No
8P9BM Alan Slusher St Thomas Parish, 22026 No
8P9BZ Alexander Krings Dover Beach No
8P9CI Michael Rioux Boxford, MA 01921 No
8P9CK Bob Reiser, AA1M Burlington, MA 01803 YES No
8P9EA Weymouth D. Walker, Jr. Cumming, GA 30041 YES No
8P9FW Frank Wroblewski Ocean City, YES No
8P9HA Edward Albecker Christ Church, YES No
8P9HQ Peter Huber, K3ZR St. Peter No
8P9HT John T. Laney III Warleigh Plantation, St. Peter No
8P9HW Tony White Bridgetown No
8P9JB Ancletus Ernest Castries No
8P9JL David H. Walker Georgetown,SC 29440 No
8P9KA Andrew Kitchen Hastings No
8P9LJ John w Lee St Philip, No
8P9MC Mike Crawshaw Christ Church, No
8P9MD Michael DiPersio, KC2Q Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 No
8P9MN Noertemann, Michael Hastings YES No
8P9MS No
8P9NS John Mckay Oakville, ON No
8P9NX Peter Cross Pine Island MN 55963 YES No
8P9OP Michael Fisher Mt. Airy, Md. 21771 No
8P9RY Dave Bernstein Holetown, YES No
8P9SL Stephen A. Licht Batavia, NY 14020 No
8P9TS Darren Collins . YES No
8P9VG Robert Michael Greenwood Des Moines, Iowa 50321 YES No
8P9XC Dr. Carsten Schoof (Doc) St. Philip YES
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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