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Monday, May 29, 2023 18:08 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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Charles D. Mackenzie from USA
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Users from CURACAO
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
347AT116 Sherman Willemstad No
347IR684 Bart 0000 No
7AT109 Michael Willemstad, Curacao Island No
JP2/NU3O Christopher R Unger Waynesboro, PA 17268 Pending No
NL14005 Stephan van Dijk
PJ2/AB8YK James R Storms Huber Heights, OH 45424-0028 YES No
PJ2/AC8AP Alan Shafer Santa Marta, No
PJ2/DF7DQ Peter Zoller Willemstad - Curacao, 00000 YES No
PJ2/DF7ZS Helmut Mueller Soto, YES No
PJ2/DF8ZH Stephan Gottschalk 65719 Hofheim No
PJ2/DF9MV Sven Duhme Kreuth, 83708 YES No
PJ2/DH2AK Anja Kels Willemstad, YES
PJ2/DK5ON Andreas - Chr. Salder Jan Thiel YES
PJ2/DL1THM Dr. Torsten Harenberg Willemstad, YES
PJ2/DL3LUM Dr. Jörg Hahn Jan Thiel YES No
PJ2/DL5RDP Bernhard Horst Signal Point, YES
PJ2/DO7DP Dirk Purwin Island of Curacao, YES No
PJ2/EI8GNB David Casey -- YES No
PJ2/HA9DMD Harald Bischoff PJ2T, No
PJ2/HB3YFC Kalt Kurt Niederbipp, 4704 YES No
PJ2/HB3YFC Kalt Kurt Niederbipp, 4704 YES
PJ2/HB3YFC Kalt Kurt Niederbipp, 4704 YES No
PJ2/HB9WDF Michael Lipp St. Erhard, 6212 YES
PJ2/IW1FC Silvano Willemstad, YES No
PJ2/IZ2ZTQ Massimiliano Terragni San Donato Milanese, 20097 YES No
PJ2/K6KAL Richard Kalkofen Carlsbad, CA 92009 YES No
PJ2/K8PGJ Pete Gladysz Troy, MI, 48098 No
PJ2/K9HZ Dr. William J. Schmidt, II Soto,
PJ2/KB0VVT Rebecca Rich Curacao YES No
PJ2/KD8DXU Harald Bischoff QTH PJ2T No
PJ2/KE1B Rich Seifert Soto, YES No
PJ2/KI4DSO George Lane Norcross, GA 30092 YES
PJ2/KY7M Lee M. Finkel Santa Marta, YES No
PJ2/N6UWW Ellen E. Utschig Oceanside, CA 92058-2332 No
PJ2/N7IR Gary G. Hembree Santa Marta YES
PJ2/NH7C Steve "Sid" Caesar Rockville, MD 20850-2327 YES No
PJ2/NN3W Richard F. DiDonna Vienna, VA 22181
PJ2/NT6X Mike Baker Santa Ana, CA 92707 YES No
PJ2/OH4NVX Mika Jäppinen Cas Abao YES No
PJ2/ON6DX Hamblok Wim Curacao No
PJ2/PA1RB Ralph Bosmeier Willemstad, YES
PJ2/PA3EYC Maarten Bos Nijkerk, 3861ME YES No
PJ2/PB0AEX Ron Valk Willemstad, YES
PJ2/PB1HF Arno Willemstad, YES
PJ2/PD1DRE Andre de Groot Den Helder, 1785CH YES No
PJ2/PD4JOF jeoffrey le duc westpunt YES No
PJ2/PE1OJR Tjeerd Bakx Tilburg No
PJ2/PE1RMO Jan Sint Willebrord YES
PJ2/PE2MC Marco IJsselstein, 3404VN YES No
PJ2/PF4T Tom Dronten YES No
PJ2/PH2L jeoffrey le duc westpunt YES
PJ2/SV2AEL Savas No
PJ2/VE4VT Ed Richardson Winnipeg, MB R2M 2L5 No
PJ2/VE7KW Keith Witney Burnaby, BC YES No
PJ2/W0RIC Rick Spiegel Centennial, CO 80112 No
PJ2/W4PGM Paul Mandel Farragut, TN 37934-4410 YES
PJ2/W4VAB Hugh W. Morgan Knoxville, TN 37920 YES No
PJ2/W5FKX Don Boudreau River Ridge, LA 70123 YES No
PJ2/W5ZPA Michael W. Mayer Groot, YES No
PJ2/W6NN Anna Sombor Los Gatos, CA 95033 YES
PJ2/W8WTS James M. Galm Shaker Heights, OH 44122-5156 YES No
PJ2/WZ8D John Walker Willemstad, YES No
PJ2/YV1DIG Paolo Stradiotto Santa Marta, YES No
PJ2?PD4JOF jeoffrey le duc etten-leur, YES No
PJ2DD Tom Willemstad, 00000 YES No
PJ2GT Mark de Hoo Willemstad, YES
PJ2JW B Willemstad No
PJ2LJG Jimmy Girigori Willemstad, YES
PJ2LS Louis van Sermondt Willemstad, YES
PJ2M Mark Bailey Poolesville, MD YES No
PJ2MI Jose Willemstad, YES
PJ2MI/PA Jose Enspijk, 4157 GD No
PJ2MR martin r r rusch willemstad No
PJ2OF Ortli Fecunda Willemstad
PJ2RAW Reginald A. de Windt Willemstad, 0000CW YES No
PJ2RM Rolando Willemstad, Curacao No
PJ2SA Rolando Manuel Willemstad No
PJ2SD Stephan van Dijk Willemstad YES
PJ2SM Sergio Mackay Willemstad YES
PJ2VV Gerard W.N. van der Voort CURACAO, No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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