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Monday, May 29, 2023 18:46 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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Marcin Lapkowski from POLAND
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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from GREENLAND
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
1YZ88 Mad Max Nuuk, 3900 No
DL6UKG Klaus Goldmann Forst Lausitz D-03149
KG1BW Bob Wilder Greenland Waters No
OX/5P1KZX Michael Flensted Möller Nuuk, 3900 YES
OX/DF2BR Michael Lau Greenland, YES No
OX/DL2VFR Enrico Stumpf-Siering Maniitsoq YES No
OX/DL2VFR Enrico Stumpf-Siering Ammassalik YES No
OX/DL7WB Lothar König Nord, YES No
OX/LA9DL/MM Just N. Qvigstad Fornebu, NO.1364 No
OX/M0CGF Ian Schofield Sanderstead, CR2 0RB YES
OX/N0RC Reid Crowe Thule AFB YES No
OX/OZ0J Joergen Roemmng Kangerlussuaq, YES No
OX/OZ4CL Charles Lindsted Praestoe, DK, 4720 YES
OX/OZ8AE Jorgen Christensen DK-4873 Vaeggerloese, YES No
OX/SM0LQB Stellan (Stan) Sollentuna SE-192 55 No
OX/SM3UQK Nils Norin 855 91 Sundsvall
OX1B Bjarne Hauthorner Tasiilaq, 3913
OX2KAN Allan Glasdam Kangaatsiaq, 3955 YES No
OX3AH Øystein Holmen Nuuk, 3900
OX3DB Jan Nielsen Nuuk, DK-3900 YES No
OX3DL Ole B. Pedersen Nuuk , Pending No
OX3EH Kai Hansen Havneby, 6792 Rømø No
OX3FV Kim Andersen Kangerlussuaq, 3910 YES
OX3FV Kim Andersen Kangilinnguit, 3930 YES No
OX3HI Holger Hey Mortensen Kangerlussuaq, 3910 YES
OX3HU Bjarne Hauthorner Tasiilaq No
OX3HZ Bo Christensen 3905 Nuussuq No
OX3IO Brian Vind Borgstrøm Nuuk, 3900 YES
OX3JI Jens Nielsen Kulle DK-4874 Gedser No
OX3JW Bjarne Johansen Vemmelev,
OX3JZ John Aaen Qaqortoq, YES No
OX3KJ Klaus Georg Jensen 3952 Ilulissae No
OX3KQ Jesper Dalgaard Kangerlussuaq, YES No
OX3KV Allan Glasdam Kangaatsiaq, YES No
OX3KV Allan Glasdam Kangaatsiaq, 3955 No
OX3LG Michael Jensen 4243 Rude No
OX3LM Leslie Mielby Groennedal, 3920 No
OX3LP Peter Kruger-Larsen Fjenneslev, DK 4173 No
OX3LX Bo Christensen Copenhagen, DK-2300 YES
OX3OD Kaino Steffensen 3900 Nuuk YES No
OX3OX Ole Andersen 8300 Odder, No
OX3QM Fred Anderson APO AE, 09704 YES No
OX3RZ Reijo Laitinen 76940 Nenonpelto No
OX3SX Steen Lysoe Uummannaq, No
OX3UB Birger Groesmeyer DK-2640 Hedehusene No
OX3UR Dennis Rosas Colorado Springs, NY 80910 YES No
OX3VC Rolf Eriksen DK-9900 No
OX3XO Stig Kristiansen Vaerloese, DK-3500 No
OX3XR Rudolf Olejnik Stará Lubovna No
OX3XR Peter Thulesen Nuuk, 3900 YES
OX3XR/AM Peter Thulesen Nuuk YES No
OX50HRH HRH Crown Princess 50-Years Nuuk, YES No
OX50HRH HRH Crown Prins 50-Years Nuuk, YES No
OX5DM David Skat Kangerlussuaq,
OX5HRH HRH Crown Prins 50-Years Nuuk YES No
OX5T Daniel Bjørn Jespersgaard Sisimiut, 3911 No
OX5T/QRP Bjørn Daniel Jespersgaard GL-3911 Sisimiut No
OX6YL Inger Lundin Solrod Strand, 2680 YES No
OX90EDR EDR 90 Years OX Nuuk YES No
TF3YH/OX Yngvi Hardarson Qaqortoq, YES No
XP1A Jesper Dalgaard Kangerlussuaq, xxxx YES No
XP1AB Greenland DXpedtion SONDERSTROM No
XP2I Henning Andresen 6100 Haderslev YES
XP3A Peter Thulesen Nuuk YES
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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