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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 18:44 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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Eric Jauch from FRANCE
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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from JAMAICA
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
21HS145 michael tomlinson montego bay/jamaica No
23HS104 Ivor Barrett Kingston,
23HS111 Philip Hamilton Kingston, Kingston 6 No
23YANKEEBRAVO32 christopher allen bridgeport p.o portmore No
6Y/G0RNU Neil Oracabessa, St Mary's YES No
6Y/G0RNU Neil Oracabessa, St Mary's YES No
6Y0BE Boyan Petkov Montego bay YES No
6Y0D yasar No
6Y1V David Kopacz Hopewell, YES No
6Y2RZ RZS Amateur Radio Club Hawthorne, NY 10532-1552 YES No
6Y3A Steven Nace Queen Creek, AZ 84242 No
6Y3Y Kan Yokota JJ2RCJ/AB2RF St. Elizabeth QRV from 6Y5WJ location YES
6Y4T Rick Schmiedt Mount Pleasant, SC 29464-2535 YES No
6Y5/DL2ECB Horst Schulte-Bonsfeld 42555 Velbert No
6Y5/DL5DI Hans-Juergen Barthen Negril, Westmoreland, YES No
6Y5/K0COP David H. Walker Aiken, SC 29801 No
6Y5/KN5H Steven Nace Queen Creek, AZ 85242 No
6Y5/KS0T Michael Schultz Negril YES No
6Y5/OH6TX Jari westmoreland, YES No
6Y5/PA3HHT Maus Goossens NL-3812 LE Amersfoort No
6Y5/W4GE Rick Schmiedt St. Elizabeth, YES No
6Y5AB Adrian Recas Irish Town, No
6Y5DW Ivor Barrett MIami, FL 33170
6Y5EW Earle D. Wilkinson Kingston 19 No
6Y5HM Hugh B. Miller Montego Bay, YES
6Y5IC Wenty Bethune Kingston 10, YES No
6Y5JA Hugh Glen Aikman Greater Portmore, No
6Y5JH Henry Johnson Portmore, St.Catherine No
6Y5JH henry port more No
6Y5KJ Karl Josephs Kingston 19 No
6Y5MC Mark Cunningham St. Andrew
6Y5MM Michael Matalon Kingston , 6 No
6Y5MN mark abraham St Ann YES No
6Y5NS norman smith St Mary No
6Y5NW Nyron Wright Montego Bay No
6Y5NZ Huw Williams Oracabessa St Mary No
6Y5PA paul a rae kingston 8
6Y5PO Peter Davis Linstead, YES No
6Y5RP Keith Polack Bridgeport P.O. No
6Y5SGD Steven Simpson Kingston 6
6Y5SJ Junior Smith Eltham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine YES No
6Y5TS Trevor Senior Christian Gardens,Portmore,St.Catherine
6Y5WC Walford Brown Kingston, 08 No
6Y5WE Elliot Paul Williams St.Ann No
6Y5WW William Reynolds Spanish Town, 00000 YES
6Y5WZ Winston Charles Bennett Portmore, YES No
6Y5XN William D. Hicks Jr. Richmond KY 40475 YES No
6Y5ZZ/N2YGZ General St.Catherine No
6Y6J Masumi Nakade St.Elizabeth, YES No
6Y7A Steven Nace Queen Creek, AZ 85242 No
6Y7K Francesco Cozzi Bari-palese,Italy, 70128 YES No
6Y7R Larry Loen Duncans, YES
6Y9S Manu Siebert 8000 Bahía Blanca No
6Y9S Manu Siebert Hopewell, YES No
6Y9X Paul Young Hudson MA 01749 No
AB2RF/6Y5 Kan Yokota, AB2RF/JJ2RCJ Malvern, YES No
DL2AOS/6Y5 Alexander Seesink Mainz, 55120 No
K1XM/6Y5 Paul Young Hudson MA 01749 No
K8MFO/6Y5 Donald A. Karvonen Apple Creek, OH No
KC2VLC Michael James Negril, Jamaica, No
KN5H/6Y5 Steven Nace Queen Creek, AZ 85242 No
RN5M/6Y5 Roman Rybinsk, Russia YES
YO3YB Florin Ionica Kingston 7 No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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