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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 20:46 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
EX/DK7UY Wolfgang Blau Karakol YES No
EX/N0LAZ Mario H. Fietz Bishkek, YES No
EX/R5AF Ilya Moscow, 125493 YES
EX/ZR6AJZ Charles Kelly Bishkek
EX/ZS6AJZ Charles Kelly Bishkek, 720005
EX0DX Andrea Bianchi (HB9DUR) Bishkek YES
EX0DX Andrea Bianchi (HB9DUR) Bishkek, YES No
EX0MAA Rafik Dawydof Tokmak, 722000
EX0NN Valery Zhabsky Uzgen, 723620 YES
EX0QKT Archie (Artem) Saralov Chok-Tal, Issyk-Kul oblast, 722122 YES
EX0QR ex0qr nr.Ton, YES No
EX0V Valery Andreev Mayli-Say, 721100
EX15ID Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX1EPC Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX20ARUK Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX20ID Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX26Y ARUKR Bishkek/Cholpon-At?, YES No
EX2A Ivan Udovin Bishkek 720017 No
EX2B Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX2F Belek Tokmok 724900 YES No
EX2G Victor Gooz Kemin, 724511 YES
EX2M George Lazarev Bishkek, 720021 YES No
EX2U Igor Syrygin Bishkek, 720021 No
EX3NOMAD Club - 3 nd World Nomad Games Bishkek, No
EX3NWG Bishkek, 720082 No
EX3WNG Club - World Nomad Games Bishkek, No
EX44FF ??????? ?????????? ??????? ?????? YES No
EX44WFF Evgeniy (John) Manakov Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan No
EX7DI Ivan Bishkek, YES No
EX7DY Dmitriy Bishkek? 720065 YES
EX7MA Valery Khadtsev Bishkek, 720072 YES No
EX7MK Valery Bishkek 720083 box1493 No
EX7ML Sergej Kant No
EX7MW Mike Chirkov Almaty, Almaty, 050009 No
EX7MY Victor Bishkek No
EX7QQ Narynbek ("Bek") Djunushev Bishkek, 720003 No
EX8002SWL Dmitriy Bishkek 720065 YES
EX8004SWL Ivan Bishkek, 720082 YES No
EX8AB Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720003 YES No
EX8AB Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720000 YES No
EX8ABB Vitaly Bishkek, 720010
EX8ABC Kostuchenko Vladimir Bishkek, 720080 YES
EX8ABD Alekseev Michail Bishkek,720020 YES
EX8ABF Gontsov Denis Bishkek, Chuy, 720016
EX8ABG Nikita Dikan Bishkek / 720060 YES
EX8AI Vlad Ivanovich Sheglov Bishkek 720045 YES No
EX8AP Nikolay Bishkek
EX8AVG Aleksei Zhadan Bishkek 720022 YES
EX8AY Evgeny Manakov Bishkek, 720023 YES No
EX8BN Evgenij Bishkek, 720046 YES No
EX8BT Evgeniy Bishkek, 720065 YES
EX8BV Vladimir Bishkek,720022 YES
EX8BY Helga Bishkek 720040 No
EX8CO Oleg Bishkek, 720055 No
EX8LI Sergey Gaberlakh Nizhnyaya Ala-Archa, Kyrgyzstan
EX8MAT extra Bishkek -17 No
EX8MCD Aleksey Bishkek YES
EX8MEH Shavkat Bishkek 720000 No
EX8MEM Aleksandr 720000 YES
EX8MF Nikolaj Bubnov Bishkek, 720021 YES No
EX8MJ Sergey V. Rakov Bichkek, 720051 YES
EX8MLT Oleg Ivin Bishkek, 720017 YES No
EX8MT Victor Gooz Kemin, 724511 YES No
EX8MW Gregoryj Tash-Debe village, Alamudun dist. 724329 No
EX8O Alexander Chikaev AREOPAG M.R. Bishkek 720005 No
EX8TC ???????? ????????????????????? ????????? ???.?.????? 722720 No
EX9A Max Pustovit s.Novaya Malykla Ulyanovskaya obl.433560 No
EX9FF/P Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720003 YES No
EX9M Trubenko.Vasiliy.V Bishkek No
R1A-125/M Max Romanov TREVEL,
R1A-125/MOUNT r1a-12/r3a5 St.Petersburg
UM8MFO Nikolaj Bubnov Bishkek, 720021 No
UM8QDX Narynbek ("Bek") Djunushev Bishkek, 720003 No
UM8QDX Narynbek Djunushev Bishkek, 720003 YES No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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