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Monday, May 29, 2023 18:13 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from NAMIBIA
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
V5/DC8QT Werner Nitschke Ojikoko Guest Farm, No
V5/DD8ZX Georg Rensonet Omaruru, YES
V5/DG2GHH Heiko Haug Hentiesbay, 9000 YES No
V5/DK3ZL "Charly" Dr. Karl-A. Eichhorn Swakopmund, 13001 YES No
V5/DL1GZW Hans-Werner Zindler Meerane, D-08393 YES No
V5/DL1SX Steffen Spies Wolfsburg, 38440 YES
V5/DL1ZU Martin Wieland Linden, 35440 YES No
V5/DL4MFM Mario H. Fietz Büllsport YES
V5/DL9NDS Uwe Scherf Omaruru, YES No
V5/DM3BJ Karl-Dietrich Völker Oranjemund, Namibia YES No
V5/DM4TK Thomas König Windhoek, No
V5/GI4DOH Richard White Bangor, Co Down, BT19 1YU YES No
V5/HB9EXA Pascal Windhoek YES No
V5/OE3MZC/M Mike Zwingl Purkersdorf /Vienna, 3002 No
V5/OE3SEU/P EDDY Schebesta Altlengbach, a-3033 No
V5/OH2NNE Arne Nylund Espoo, 02780 YES No
V5/W8FTD Robert E. Bartlett, Jr. Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314 No
V5/ZS6YG Charlie Summers Parker, CO 80138 YES No
V51/HB9JAB v51/hb9jab Windhoek, YES No
V51/TA1HZ Tevfik Aydin KAZANCIOGLU Karakoy 34421 Istanbul No
V51AS Frank Steinhäuser Swakopmund, YES No
V51BO Basie Oosthuizen TSUMEB, 9000 No
V51CO Carsten O Engelhardt Windhoek, 10005 YES
V51DM Derek.Moore Ausspannplatz, 9000
V51DP Koos du Plessis Harmony, Virginia , 1729 No
V51E Kosie du Buisson Outjo No
V51EK Hein Bertram Walvis Bay 9000 No
V51FC Michael Rudloff Windhoek, No
V51FH Friedhelm Hund Windhoek YES
V51HB Helmut Bartens YES No
V51HK Karl-Heinz Köhler Windhoek No
V51HZ Heinrich Zwemstra Walvis Bay, 9000
V51JF Juergen Felsner Windhoek, Khomas, 9000 YES
V51JP Werner Windhoek, 9000 YES
V51KH Karl-Heinz Windhoek No
V51LK Roland Hagmann, DJ4LK Rosenberg, YES No
V51LZ Andre Coetzee Oranjemund, Namibia, 9000 YES No
V51LZ Andre Coetzee Rosh Pinah YES No
V51LZ Andre Coetzee Oranjemund, Namibia, 9000 YES
V51MA Mike Windhoek, 9000 YES No
V51MB Michael Bingham Windhoek Namibia
V51MI Maxi Gradewald Windhoek, YES No
V51NAM Namibian Amateur Radio League Windhoek, YES
V51NH Nico Huysamen Windhoek, 9000 No
V51NN Cornelius Lourens van Niekerk Otjiwarongo No
V51PJ Pieter Jacobs Rosh Pinah, 9000 YES
V51PP Pierre J Breitenbach Walvis Bay, YES No
V51Q Michael Windhoek, YES
V51R Rico Windhoek
V51RAY Raymond de Kock Walvis Bay, 9000 YES
V51RJ Russell Rosh Pinah, YES
V51RM Hendrik De Lange Brandt Windhoek YES
V51RS Robert Windhoek, 9000 YES No
V51RU Michael Rudloff Windhoek, No
V51SA Angela Schenk Windhoek, 9000 YES No
V51SG Siegfried Graf UIS / Namibia No
V51SH Stephan Hoffend Windhoek, 9000
V51SN Solly Nieman Henties Bay,
V51SR Adriaan Scheepers Windhoek No
V51V Brandl V.E. Windhoek
V51VA Jacques Swakopmund, YES
V51VE Rudolph Venter Windhoek No
V51WC Willie Coetzee SWAKOPMUND, 0000 YES
V51WF Fritz Ernst Weinrebe Windhoek, 0000 YES
V51YJ Andrew Thomson Windhoek, YES No
V521NAM NARL Windhoek, YES No
V52DM Derek.Moore Elgin 7180 No
V55A RACS Windhoek YES No
V55DLH Omaruru YES No
V55QO "Charly" Dr. Karl-A. Eichhorn Windhoek, 10001 YES
V55V Vladimir Karamitrov NAMIBIA No
V55V NARL Special Events Windhoek, 9000 YES No
V55V NARL Special Events Windhoek, 9000 YES No
V55X Andrew Thomson Windhoek, YES No
ZS3DP Koos du Plessis Oranjemund, YES No
ZS6BPJ/3 Karel G J Bezuidenhout Grootfontein, No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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