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Monday, May 29, 2023 19:17 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Thomas Werzmirzowsky from GERMANY
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eJapantm LB6VI May 29
eNAmericatm S58AT May 28
eNZtm OE1SZW Feb 12
eOceaniatm DU1/NF0O May 28
ePFX300tm S58AT May 28
eSAmericatm S58AT May 28
eSatellitetm AG7NR May 29
eUKtm SP2BE May 29
eWACtm CX5ABM May 28
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eZ40tm EA5HM May 23

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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from RWANDA
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
9X/G3PSM Colin J. Thomas Kigali No
9X/ON4WW Mark Demeuleneere Gent YES No
9X0A Andrei B.Fedorov (RW3AH-WL7AP) Nyanza No
9X0CX Fraser Wenseth Kigali YES No
9X0JW James William Bonner Kigali, No
9X0LX Georg (DK7LX) Kigali No
9X0R RWANDA 2008 Dxpedition AKAGERA YES No
9X0TL Thomas (Tom) Lindner Bindow, 15754 YES No
9X0WA Anders Wändahl Butare/Kigali YES
9X1A Alexander Lounev Kigali, YES No
9X1A Mark Demeuleneere Gent YES No
9X4WW Mark Demeuleneere Gent YES No
9X4X Holyland DX Group Rusiga , YES No
9X5/G3SEM Paul J. Cort-Wright KIGALI, No
9X5CW Pierre-Marie CALVET 1202 GENEVA YES No
9X5SP Peter A. Stabusch Kigali No
9X5SW Wolfgang Stock Kigali YES No
RX BBB Fraser Wenseth Peterhead, AB42 3LB Pending No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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