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Monday, May 29, 2023 18:32 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
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James A. Steel, Jr. from USA
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MFJ Enterprises
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Users from SINGAPORE
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
98HS102 Shah Alamgir Singapore, No
98HS107 Eliaz Taman Daya 81100 Johor Bahru No
98HS108 Kunal Nandy SG No
98HS126 Johari Osman Singapore, 640551 No
9V/7K1BIB Takahiro Yamauchi 10 Bayfront Ave. No
9V1/7K1BIB Takahiro Yamauchi 10 Bayfront Ave. No
9V1/VE2XAA Alexey Yushin Singapore, YES No
9V1/W6BJB Brad J. Butler Singapore, 178882 YES No
9V1003SWL Everett Yeow No
9V1AB Nils Christian Ujma Singapore, S-828820 YES
9V1AC R.Narayanan (NAN) #09-02 Regent Heights, Tower A YES No
9V1AG Marcus Lorenz Singapore, 457400 No
9V1AL Alex Lee Singapore, YES No
9V1AM Jason Ingram Singapore, 738081 No
9V1AN Ng Rui Lin, Joyce Singapore,
9V1AP Irwin Darack Singapore No
9V1AP Rainer W. Herden Singapore 439459 YES No
9V1AW Aaron Wong Singapore, 730835
9V1BC Tan WJ Solomon Singapore, YES
9V1BD Ho Jie Feng Singapore, YES
9V1BF He Jiasheng 510216 YES
9V1BG Darshana Senaratna 768097 YES No
9V1BH Victor Singapore, 491293 No
9V1BO Baino Paul Singapore 588135 No
9V1BR Bill Rosburg YES No
9V1BX Lau Ngai Zhi Samuel Singapore
9V1CD ARNOLD CABAHUG Singapore, 460508 YES
9V1CL Deng Jue Singapore,
9V1CZ joseph kasser Clemeti YES No
9V1DB Dan Butler Singapore, 820192 YES No
9V1DE Darryl Ee Hougang 530638 YES
9V1EH No
9V1EP Masakazu Numajiri Singapore, YES No
9V1FH Thum Fu Hang 614138 YES
9V1GA Patrick Ballew Singapore, 598735
9V1GA Isamu Ishida #10-04 Parc Oasis 609775 No
9V1GO R Marshall-Read Block 115 Number 11-882 Singapore 350115 YES No
9V1GS SUN GUANGYU Singapore 320113 YES No
9V1HH Amos Hoe Hong Hua Singapore, 165006 YES
9V1HK Graber Theo Singapore, YES No
9V1HW , No
9V1HY Chu Haoyuan Singapore, 119617 YES No
9V1IQ Matt Hardi Rich Mansion. Singapore, 259709 YES No
9V1IZ Thomas P. Cloyes YES No
9V1JA Shiro Takata -10 The Jade Singapo, 658074 YES No
9V1JP James Puah Singapore 680458
9V1JS Jia Sheng He No
9V1KB Benjamin Koe Yishun YES No
9V1KB/P Benjamin Koe Yishun YES No
9V1KT Kevin Tan Singapore YES No
9V1LD Larry Singapore, No
9V1LF Laurence Singapore No
9V1LJ Jan Lategahn Singapore 466972 No
9V1MH Matthew George Howard Singapore, 554476 YES No
9V1MS Martin Schweiger 46799 Parbury Heights No
9V1NC Ken OTA Nagoya 465-0058 No
9V1OA Olivier Aubert Singapore, No
9V1OE Wolfgang Wagner Singapore, 128042 YES No
9V1PK Peter Khor Norman, 73072
9V1PN Priya Narayanan #10-246, Singapore No
9V1PW Shiro Sakai Singapore, 238113 YES No
9V1QQ Bob Fabrizio Singapore, 469987 YES No
9V1RD Henry Woo Singapore, 090018 No
9V1RH David Henry Rankin Singapore, 118571 No
9V1RJ Ron central, No
9V1RM Martin RATH #05-06 Aspen Loft, 427317 YES No
9V1RN NAN (R.Narayanan) Singapore, 681686 YES No
9V1SL Saxon Liw Singapore, 486030 No
9V1SM Sasi Nayar Singapore No
9V1SV SIVA Singapore, 642986 YES
9V1TT Andrew Hodges Singapore 018985 YES No
9V1TU Pavel Ivanov Pavlov (Charonia) Singapore , 437431 No
9V1TX Ricardo Ramirez Anchorvale Drive
9V1UV K C Selvadurai Singapore 298787 No
9V1VK Michael Slater 574064 No
9V1VV John Davies No
9V1WO Aaron Wong Singapore, 730835 YES No
9V1XO Peter Yee No
9V1XX Kazuhiko (KURI) Kurita Singapore, 122208 YES
9V1XX Kazuhiko (KURI) Kurita Singapore, 159967 YES No
9V1YW SHI YINGWANG Singapore, 732895 No
9V1ZV DANIEL WEE Singapore, 272005 YES
9V1ZW Michael Davidson Singapore, 208749 YES
9V50IARU SARTS P.O. Box 2728 YES No
9V50JA 1st class #17-10 The Jade Singapore No
9V50XX Kazuhiko (KURI) Kurita Singapore, 159967 YES No
9VA/I05940MI oscar marazzini Singapore, YES No
DL4AKB Marcus Lorenz Singapore, 659802
DL8BEA Guenter Henseler Singapore, 238336 No
GM0UDL/MM Andrew Cowan IV10 8RA No
S61PW Shiro Sakai Singapore, 238113 YES No
VS1HX Art Swain Seletar No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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