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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 18:43 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Mark Angeli from USA
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5BeWACtm KA8G Jun 02
eAfricatm YV5KAJ Jun 05
eAntarcticatm KJ6TOA Jan 17
eAsiatm DJ7JB Jun 06
eAustraliatm VK2EHQ Jun 06
eCanadatm KD9MAB Jun 05
eDXtm OK2QQ Jun 06
eDX100tm NR6AM Jun 06
eEchoLinktm M3FGR Dec 21
eEuropetm DL2RPN Jun 06
eFROMtm DL5NAV Jun 05
eGridtm KM6GCA Jun 06
eJapantm G6JFU Jun 06
eNAmericatm DB1PC Jun 06
eNZtm OE1SZW Feb 12
eOceaniatm ON4PS Jun 06
ePFX300tm KM6GCA Jun 06
eSAmericatm YV5KAJ Jun 06
eSatellitetm VA7TF Jun 05
eUKtm OK4RS Jun 05
eWACtm N7YU Jun 06
eWACHonorstm JA0CIU May 29
eWAStm N1ME Jun 05
eZ40tm EA5HM May 23

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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Users from TONGA
Callsign Name City AuthGuar Active1
Limited to first 500
A3/NL7322 M.L. Heffels Beek, YES No
A31MM Hiro NAKAMURA Nuku'alofa YES No
A35AA Clark Straw Neiafu, Vava'u, No
A35AA Clark Straw Neiafu, Vava'u Group No
A35AB Stephen Warrillow Rosanna, Victoria 3084 YES No
A35AC Stanley Arnett Marysville, MI 48040 No
A35BJ kazumasa kawase Nuku'alofa YES No
A35BR Wolfgang Faust D-63741 Aschaffenburg YES No
A35CO Brian Sarkisian Clinton, MI 49236 No
A35CP Charlotte Richardson Hudson MA 01749 No
A35EH mocchetto renzo NUKU'ALOFA YES No
A35IQ Andy Cook, G4PIQ Kingdom of Tonga No
A35JL John Lee Nuku'Alofa No
A35JT Grant Willis Tongatapu, YES
A35LT Lee Dziekan Metamora, MI 48455 No
A35LU Leonard J. Umina El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 No
A35MX Paul Young Hudson MA 01749 No
A35NB Peter Butka Fafa, YES No
A35RR Roly Runciman Auckland YES No
A35RR Roly Runciman Auckland, 2016 YES
A35TL Thomas Lindner Bindow, 15754 YES No
A35TR Theodore A Rachwal Tonga, No
A35TU Anthony Umina Hamilton, CA No
A35WM Helge Haensel, DJ1WM Nuku'alofa YES No
A35WM Helge Haensel, DJ1WM Nuku'alofa YES No
A35XX Clark Straw Vava'u, YES No
1Active means today's date is still within their callsign effective/expiration dates, so they are probably still active at this location

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