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Friday, February 23, 2024 10:20 UTC
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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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Toru Koyanagi from JAPAN
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| A software bug was preventing FT4JA contacts from appearing in the eAfri... (more)
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15M: RW9AD, Z33Z, more...
Latest eAwards
Most eAwards: F6ECI,EA3ZD,ZL1BQD,S55DX,G0BLB...
5BeDX100tm G7SSE Feb 17
5BeWACtm W4IOD Feb 19
5BeWAStm WD8ASA Feb 20
eAfricatm AF7S Feb 23
eAntarcticatm ZL1VAH Feb 20
eAsiatm AF7S Feb 23
eAustraliatm LW6DJ Feb 23
eCanadatm OH1MRR Feb 21
eDXtm HB3YBU Feb 21
eDX100tm F6ECI Feb 23
eEchoLinktm M3FGR Dec 21
eEuropetm JA0LNS Feb 22
eFROMtm YO4NT Feb 22
eGridtm PP5JP Feb 21
eJapantm JK3ROD Feb 23
eNAmericatm KD9QHQ Feb 21
eNZtm G7SSE Feb 17
eOceaniatm VK3CAL Feb 21
ePFX300tm ON4VT Feb 21
eSAmericatm F6DKQ Feb 21
eSatellitetm IW0EHS Feb 07
eUKtm JA0LNS Feb 23
eWACtm HB9WDF Feb 21
eWACHonorstm SV2AEL Feb 12
eWAStm AF7S Feb 22
eZ40tm JA0LNS Feb 23

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MFJ Enterprises
MFJ Enterprises
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* A software bug was preventing FT4JA contacts from appearing in the eAfrica and eFROM awards. That is now fixed!
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