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Fujitsu Kawasaki ARC from JAPAN
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| If you operate any of these modes, please run the ADIF Upgrade program: ... (more)
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eAustraliatm JL1JVT Jul 24
eCanadatm AC5Q Jul 26
eDXtm NL13842R-14 Jul 26
eDX100tm JF1LMB Jul 26
eEuropetm OK1AK Jul 26
eGridtm NP3DM Jul 26
eJapantm JH1BCS Jul 26
ePFX300tm JH1BCS Jul 26
eWAStm KB3KNX Jul 26
eZ40tm EA7NL Jul 19

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* If you operate any of these modes, please run the ADIF Upgrade program: CHIP, DOMINO, HELL, ISCAT, JT4, JT9, JT65, MFSK, OLIVIA, OPERA, PAC, PAX, PSK, QRA64, ROS, RTTY, SSB, THRB, TOR
* Printing of paper eQSLs is temporarily stopped while we wait for the printer manufacturer to ship us a new print head. We will announce it here when we are printing again. Sorry for the delay!
* We can now handle C4FM, FT8, and T10 modes. We have updated the ADIF Content Specifications. Make sure your logger is at least V3.0.4 compliant with Modes and Submodes.
* Silver, Gold, and Platinum members now have access to new premium graphics for Style 4 card designs. Over 140 new graphics as of today. Special graphics for Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Holland, Poland, Russia, Spain!
* The best way to keep your Silver membership for life is to set up a $2.50 per month automatic payment as soon as you have your silver membership to ensure $30 per year ongoing.
* Getting too many bad eQSLs from the same user? Now when you click the Reject button, you can specify to Reject ALL future eQSLs from that user
* If you have Postage Account funds you do not need, please consider converting them into a Donation from your Postage Account page
* If you move to a new QTH, please read the FAQ about what to do.

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