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Friday, October 18, 2019 01:23 UTC
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Hy-Gain Antennas and Rotators
Hy-Gain Antennas and Rotators
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Emmanuel Tancredi from ARGENTINA
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eNAmericatm DK2AT Oct 17
eNZtm JH2LMH Oct 17
eOceaniatm OM7OM Oct 17
ePFX300tm VK4HAT Oct 17
eSAmericatm DK2AT Oct 17
eUKtm ZS6GC Oct 17
eWACtm N2BTX Oct 17
eWAStm NF9U Oct 16
eZ40tm IW0ECV Oct 17

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Ameritron - The worlds high power leader
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If you have a ham radio oriented business, take a look at our advertising opportunities!
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Contact: is the fastest growing advertising medium for amateur radio
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Why you should be advertising on
Unique, popular web service
Over 1.6 million page views per month! With over 290,000 registered members in over 300 different countries, is one of the top 3 most popular amateur radio web sites. We offer a unique service not available anywhere else. Because of the unique nature of our service, our users don't come at random times to casually "surf". Instead, they come to perform specific transactions on a regular basis. And we perform an average of 5 to 15 operations per second, all day long!

Demographics members tend to be sophisticated amateur radio operators and short-wave listeners (SWLs) who are computer-literate and open to new ideas and technologies. 83% of them bought ham radio equipment in the last 12 months. Of those, 16% spent over $1000. Many of our members are users of digital modes, satellites, and other advanced technologies that are difficult to target with conventional amateur radio advertising. One third of our users are not members of ARRL and are not reachable via QST.

Unique Targeting
If you have a product or service that appeals only to specific countries, we can set your ad up to be displayed ONLY to users who are from that country or countries using COUNTRY targeting. If you would like your ad to be seen only by hams who work CW or people who would buy a triband antenna, hams who work UHF, or if you have a VHF mobile transceiver to promote, you can request BAND and/or MODE targeting. Please contact us and let us discuss our "targeted advertising" options with you. Targeting gives you much better results for your advertising dollars. It is like aiming with a rifle, compared to the shotgun approach a magazine offers. Targeting is now a free feature with all our ads!

How ads are priced
CPM (per impression)
We offer Per-Impression (also called "CPM") advertising. Per-Impression advertising allows you to purchase a certain number of page views (impressions) so you have complete control over your advertising budget. You only pay for the number of ads actually seen.

Fixed Monthly Budget
If you prefer a fixed price for one or more months of advertising, we also have our ads priced on a per-month basis.

Rates are updated from time to time without notice, reflecting changes in the number of registered users and hits on our site. You will find our rates to be extremely competitive, compared with other media!
Rate per
Product Pixel Size Price CPM Month Placement Comments
Fixed Left Column Button Ads 125x125
or 130x130
$0.20 CPM
$200.00 per million
$400.00 Fixed, Left column of most pages These are often referred to as "sponsorship" ads. They are always present on most pages and so will be viewed by everyone. When the user clicks on the graphic, it will take him to a URL of your choice. Only a limited number will be accepted as space permits, on a first-come-first-served basis. This is an example of the type of logo or ad that works well.
Rotating Left Column Button Ads 125x125
or 130x130
$0.10 CPM
$100.00 per million
$200.00 Round Robin, Left column of most pages As each page is displayed, the next ad in sequence is selected from the pool of banners from various advertisers. When the user clicks on the graphic, it will take him to a URL of your choice. This is an example of a valid size.
Rotating Banner Ads 400x40
$0.10 CPM
$100.00 per million
$200.00 Round Robin, Top or Bottom of most pages As each page is displayed, the next ad in sequence is selected from the pool of banners from various advertisers. When the user clicks on the graphic, it will take him to a URL of your choice. This is the correct size.
All ads must be prepaid. Minimum 100,000 impressions if priced as CPM or 1 month if priced per month. But we recommend 1 million page views as a starter. Targeting (see above) can be added at no additional cost to limit viewership.
All advertisers receive a password that allows access to the Advertising Control Panel, showing real-time impressions and click-throughs for their ads.
We can create an ad graphic for you at a fixed price of $100, or an animated GIF for $300, if you don't already have one.
Animated GIFs or JPEG files may be used, but maximum total file size should be around 20K.
To get started
  1. Register at the Advertiser Registration Page
  2. Log into the Advertiser's Control Panel to perform all the rest of these functions:
  3. Create your ad
  4. Upload the graphic for your ad
  5. Pay for your ad
  6. You can use the EMail Address and Password you entered during registration, to access the Advertising Control Panel at any time to see your ad's run statistics

If you were quoted a different price than the price that appears in the Advertiser's Control Panel and you are unable to override it, or to add targeting to limit who sees the ad, or if you have any other problems completing these steps, or if you have any questions, please direct them to
  • Credit Card - Once we have set up your ad, we will notify you, and you can go to the Advertising Control Panel and log in with your E-mail address and the Password. There you can use our secure form to send a credit card payment. OR...
  • Checks, Money Orders - Mail your check or money order to, 9330 LBJ Freeway Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75243 USA
  • Ad starts running as soon as payment has been received and the ad graphic and pricing have been approved.
Comparison Shopping
We think you will find our rates extremely reasonable!
For comparison, take a look at the rates of some other ham radio ad venues:
  • Nobody offers the country, band, and mode targeting that we can provide you
  • Facebook $10 CPM
  • Instagram $5 CPM
  • $50 CPM
  • We are less expensive than a full page ad in QST magazine
  • We are less expensive than the typical web ads
More Information on Web Advertising

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